“Pervspectives” Monologue

The following monologue opened Esoterotica’s first play, Pervspectives, on four sold-out nights at the 2013 New Orleans FringeFest. Since I have both a deep voice and a total lack of personal kink, we decided my best role would be the somewhat-removed narrator. In the context of the fetish party, he was that one guy who’s always hanging around the edges watching everybody without getting involved.


Experienced Voyeur: [making his way through the crowd] What kind of person really goes to one of those fetish nights anyways? Aren’t they just filled with that one guy you knew in high school, that weird kid who always wore Godsmack t-shirts and black jorts?

Actually, plenty of people you know likely have some sort of sexual kink. We all have our own personal indulgences that shouldn’t concern others, right? Most of us just don’t obsess over ours to the point where it becomes our sole defining personality trait, like it did with that kid in the Godsmack shirt. It’s completely possible for someone to head out to the club on Saturday night, have an acquaintance go hog-wild on their back with a slotted spoon, and then just. . . show up to work on Monday like everybody else. You’d never know unless you asked why they’re not leaning back in their chair.

Show of hands–has anybody here been with a partner who wanted to try some Cinemax-style “light bondage” with a couple wispy scarves tied around their wrists? [he observes the crowd] See? Some of you folks are already on the bandwagon even if you don’t know what a munch is. And now that you know who these people are, with your consent, we’d like to show you a little more of them!

[single unamused laugh from Merch Girl]

Not in that way. You’re invited to eavesdrop on an evening at Pervspectives, a long-standing event in the local kink community! Stay a little while and you’ll voyeuristically observe the innermost thoughts, desires, and rationales of its attendees. Everybody from fetish veterans looking for something to suit their particular taste to enthusiastic, if occasionally confused, newcomers. All are welcome here–even folks like you and I who only want to watch.

So, setting the scene, it looks to be just about ten o’clock. The doors are open, bottles are being chilled, the party is in motion–or restrained if that’s your thing–and certain guests have already begun making eyes at others. Be polite if one notices you, she’s certainly not going to bite. . . unless you ask nicely.

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