A Handful of “Zach Facts”

Zach Fact #11:
Contrary to what I might say, I’m actually great when it comes to remembering faces. What I’m not great at is always wanting to talk to people.

Zach Fact #23:
I’m probably looking down at you not out of condescension, but simply because I’m 6’4″. Condescension only starts when you inevitably ask whether or not I play basketball.

Zach Fact #37:
I’ve never eaten haggis because it would be really weird having a stomach full of stomach. Same reasoning behind why I don’t wear animal fur, or look people in the eye.

Zach Fact #43:
My Boston accent only comes out when I’m either very drunk or very angry, since both conditions are referred to as being “wicked pissed” up there.

Zach Fact #52:
No, I do not play basketball, asshole.

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