Help Fund Stories for Chip!

There’s an IndieGoGo project to fund a tribute anthology for Samuel R. Delany:

Should you donate to it? Of course I’d urge you to. Many others in the field of both academia and genre fiction can make much stronger, more impassioned cases than I can — several do in the video linked above. I can only argue for it in the only way I can do anything: wicked facetiously. So if the sheer wonder on display in Nova and the brilliant insights in About Writing aren’t reason enough to donate, here’s a small list of additional reasons:

  • Samuel R. Delany is Italian for “Samuel R. the lany.”
  • It is impossible to read Samuel R. Delany’s prose without your internal narrator assuming a mid-Atlantic accent. Even if you know Delany does not speak with a mid-Atlantic accent.
  • If you’ve been a good humanities major during the previous year, on Christmas Eve, Samuel R. Delany will fill your car’s gas tank halfway.
  • Samuel R. Delany’s beard and Alan Moore’s beard have never been photographed in the same room together.
  • If you stare at a photo of Samuel R. Delany on any book jacket for long enough, it will eventually wink at you.
  • Samuel R. Delany carries his young in a pouch on his belly until they’re strong enough to write their own literary essays.
  • Samuel R. Delany has been pissing off the Hugo Award’s Sad Puppies most likely since before you were born.
  • During his years as a professor at UMass Amherst, not one single fraternity member on campus was overheard bragging about their sexual conquests as they knew they were outclassed. Even today, those who do so look over their shoulders beforehand out of superstition.

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