Photo credit: Shadow Angelina Starkey, 2016.

Short answer:

Zach Bartlett is a librarian and former Masshole living in New Orleans along with a closet full of threadbare punk t-shirts. His irreverent fiction has appeared in magazines and podcasts including Mad Scientist Journal, the Overcast, and Speculative City. He’s a frequent collaborator with the local reading series Esoterotica, and has co-written three Fringe Festival shows alongside their regular cast. His recent debut novel To Another Abyss! (Spaceboy Books, 2018) was inspired in equal parts by H.P. Lovecraft, P.G. Wodehouse, and X-Ray Spex.


Long answer:

I spent the first 26 years of my life in Western Massachusetts doing the normal things you do around there (loitering, breaking into abandoned factories, quitting menial jobs) and getting a degree in journalism just before the local paper fired its entire newsroom. Some friends then lured me down to New Orleans where I got a job tricking people into reading books.

After several fits and starts with various kinds of writing I began performing with the spoken word series Esoterotica here in New Orleans, eventually producing two collaboratively-written stage shows with the group. Our first, Pervspectives, was a piece of immersive theatre performed at the 2013 New Orleans Fringe Festival. Beyond Desire, from the 2014 Fringe, was a play about relationships designed to be completely gender-neutral and performed by a rotating cast so as to constantly switch the dynamics of any given scene. Offbeat Magazine said that the show “captured the nuances and multifacetedness of real relationships in ways that traditional art often cannot.”

I’ve focused more on writing genre fiction in the last couple years, with a handful of short stories published in magazines and my first novel, To Another Abyss!, published by Spaceboy Books in 2018.