Short answer:

Zach Bartlett is a former New Englander living in New Orleans who still listens to all the snotty-vocalled punk bands he grew up with. His fiction has appeared in Gallery of Curiosities, Mad Scientist Journal, Speculative City, three American Fringe Festivals, and his first novel To Another Abyss! was recently published by Spaceboy Books. He is also a first reader for Strange Horizons magazine.

Long answer:
I’m a homesick humor writer and freelance New Englander, and I’ve never been timely enough to reserve my full name on any kind of social media so I had to throw in a defining physical characteristic. Yes the shoes are bought online, no I don’t play basketball, and I experience the same weather you get down there.

I began writing seriously in 2012 when I was press-ganged to fill out the lineup for a new reading series here in New Orleans. The series, Esoterotica, has steadily grown in popularity and I’m a regular feature at their shows. We write thinky kink and the city frickin’ digs it! I’m also a member of the Southern author group Peauxdunque Writers Alliance, probably ushered in under some carpetbagger clause.

I’ve co-written two plays with other members of the Esoterotica troupe. Pervspectives was a piece of immersive theatre performed at the 2013 New Orleans Fringe Festival. Beyond Desire, from the 2014 Fringe, was a play about relationships designed to be completely gender-neutral and performed by a rotating diverse cast so as to constantly switch the dynamics of any given scene. Offbeat Magazine said that “the piece captured the nuances and multifacetedness of real relationships in ways that traditional art often cannot.”

I’ve also written three interactive murder mystery plays for private parties here in New Orleans. I’m quite proud of them, but… I’m still working on a way to get those up on the internet in a format where they’ll make sense for people who don’t have me there directing them.