Doctor Who’s Your Daddy

This was originally performed for Esoterotica’s sci-fi themed show.

So many of my Nocturnal Admissions pieces end up referencing fellow performers since it’s set here. For those of you outside of New Orleans, Paul Oswell is both hilarious and British. You can regularly find him hosting Night Church at Sydney’s Saloon on Thursdays and Local Uproar at the AllWays Lounge on Saturdays.

Nocturnal Admissions: Doctor Who’s Your Daddy
by Zach Bartlett

At times I’m required to serve as an illegal third-shift relationship counselor in addition to my general illegal third-shift psychology practice. That’s not the weirdest thing you’ll hear about at my future arraignment hearing. The weirdest part was the British chick.

Her name was Bethany, since I don’t think I’m held to any kind of doctor-client confidentiality laws. I could tell she was going to be an amusing case from the first call I got from her to schedule an appointment.

“Can you make it in tomorrow at 11?” I’d asked.


“Eleven PM, tomorrow evening.”

“No, what actual date?”

“March Tenth. Tuesday.”


“Twenty fifteen.”

“Alright, yes, I can get away from him for then.” Then she hung up.

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